Edgar's Stupid Stickers


Edgar's Stupid Stickers

Kind of random sticker I have made through the years. All in one place.
All stickers are die-cut vinyl and made to last.

Guts Girl - It's what on the inside that counts

Emma de los Muertos - Em Watson day of the dead style

( I'm glad I called ) That Guy! - Danny McGrath from Knibb High

It's Sacrelicious! - Charbroiled Blasphemy Burgers

Brainsicle - my brain is melting

Sprinkle Trooper - a dessert soldier from a galaxy far, far away


I prefer PayPal but I will accept a money order or check as long as I get it in a timely manner.

Shipping from United States

As I do make these shirts to order, please allow mea couple of days handling time. I usually will make and send out the same day if I receive an order early enough. This just covers me if I am out of a certain size.


You can return any unused / unworn items for a refund or exchange. Be sure to notify as to why you don't like me.


I appreciate appreciation photos and if you send me some of you (or somelse) wearing a shirt I made, I will give you a discount code for all future orders.

I can print any design I sell on any size, color or style of shirt if you want to order a different shirt just send me a request. I might have to charge a little more for girly or larger size shirts as they charge me more for them.

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